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Toys, Hoodies, Shirts, collars and more! 

Why Choose Us?

Our mission is simply to give you and your pets our best! 

We know that our dog and cat loving customers are the most important part of our business. Our core values are respect, trust and reliability. And our customer service standards are very high. 

About Our Store

Juliet Gibau


We are a pet loving company that believes that pets are family members. Passion for all pets is what drives Doggy Babys.

We know that large dogs are often missed in the retail market when it comes to pet apparel and clothing, so DoggyBabys.com is geared to keeping the medium to large dogs in mind. Most of our apparel and clothing sizes range from the small dog to very large dog.

 We are experienced in dog psychology and training, pet naturopathy and pet rescue, so you will find lots of different items for your pooch and kitty cat in our store.

 Happy Shopping!


Our place of business is located in Davidson NC. We are only online, so we don't have a physical store location for customers to visit.

Area of Business

Davidson,NC 28036 USA

Business hours for our customers

Monday - Thursday 10am - 5pm

Saturday 10am -12pm

Sunday 10am -12pm

Friday - Closed

Items ship weekdays and Saturdays, No shipping on Holidays